Six years ago, my wife and I packed up our bags and left our homeland for greener pastures. That's also when I started this blog (see my old About page) which I wasn't really serious about after a few years. Infact it has been dormant for awhile.

Anyhow, little did we expect that we will make this our permanent home. And as such we felt it was necessary to have a permanent residency status to tie to our intentions as well. However it was a pain-staking process which we successfully did acquire our PR status this year.

This site is dedicated to sharing my knowledge of the process involve. I've been there before and thus I feel your pain. I'm also very active in a couple of forums and sites (for example, expat-blog) and as such, I will take my time to copy my responses from there in here as well for all to see.

In addition, I am also peppering this site with tidbits and goodies about what to expect for those who are already well into the process and are about to land in Canada. I'll also share about what's it like to be living in Canada. Lastly, I'll be posting interesting news and writing my thoughts about them as I go along. Thanks for your time and if you have any questions whatsoever, do you hesitate to send me a feedback below.

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