Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July the 7th

It is a date that will go down in infamy – well at least for us.

First of all Germany lost to Spain which means this year’s world cup would see a new title holder (either the Dutch or Spaniards).

Secondly we are now on wheels… Yes we got our set of wheels finally. This officially means we will be seeking more places to travel to during our spare time. p.s. motor pics to follow.

Last but not least… well, a good news to kept to ourselves for now :)
More will be revealed as we see fit.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Morning Harvest

It is so good to eat straight from the farm…

This morning’s harvest – Swiss Chard and Sage.




Canada Day

Come 1st July is Canada Day. Celebrated much like our Merdeka Day with pomp and pride. But we only knew last minute that the Citadel Hill opens for free during the day on this important date.

Anyhow we did not miss the fireworks display at 10.00 pm. Unlike last year, we decided to perch ontop of the hill. And to our surprise is less crowded than the waterfront. Next year, we’d probably try viewing it from the bridge.

Here’s a pic of the Citadel Clock tower at night just before the fireworks.