Monday, June 29, 2009

Tough Week

How timely it has been, having to go through the most intense week/weekend ever at the same time as with all the rain and cloudy days setting in lately. Hopefully (fingers cross), that the current predicament that has led us to skip the seafood festival over the weekend would go away soon.

If all goes well, we've pledged to make it "mission possible" to cook one of our dearly missed home dish, of CKT (short for Char Kueh Teoy). And of course more pics and updates would follow suite then. For now, we need lots of rest to recover and be back in the pink of health before we could even think of CKT. Heck, to follow suite, we may even get hold of a pack of oysters and make ourselves "o-Cean" too while we're at it. Nothing beats a celebration with a little bit of memories of home.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Differences Again

Haven't written much on differences for sometime. Not too sure why? Perhaps its that feeling of trying to get into the system rather than fight, question or ridicule it.

Well here it goes again.

  • I guess its pretty mandatory that all cars should have their head lights switch on at all times. Did I tell  you earlier on that people here are so darn laid back? What does that have to do with cars. I suppose because they are so laid back they couldn't be bother to switch it on when there's fog. (And believe there's fog pretty much all the time and it comes without much warning). So I could understand if the ministry of transportation were to set such rules because if not they wouldn't even bother.
  • Also, when cycling on bicycle, it is mandatory to use a protective head gear.
  • Did you know you could pay using your ATM card at almost any counters anywhere here. Not like back, only certain places and certain bank's ATM are accepted. Overhere its pretty much integrated. I guess that's a good way to avoid increasing debts by using Credit Cards instead. So in this case your ATM card is your debit card.
  • Did you know that doctors don't sell the drugs. You see the doctor. The doctor diagnoses your problem and writes a prescription. You take the prescription to a drug store like Guardian but over here its Lawton or Shoppers. The pharmacist will then gather the medicine for you and provide the necessary advice for consumption. I would say the pharmacist job is pretty much respectable here as oppose to back home.
  • Did you know if you mentioned Panadol or tried looking for it at a drug store, you can forget about getting any positive reply or result. Why? They don't have Panadol. Instead, the equivalent to that is Tylenol. Yea you said it, no panadol nor paracetamol. Now we know.
Till then...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just Finished Demo

Well, its been a tough week. Finally we've delivered the demo and presented it. There's a sudden relief and a sense of freedom (at least for now). Hopefully this weekend there won't be any rain, cause we got tickets to Nova Scotia Sea Food Festival. Looking forward to sinking my teeth into some good seafood. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmmm.... Atlantic Lobster, Snow Crab, Oyster, Haddock, Scallops and John Dorry, etc and what else there is that we haven't eaten yet. hehehe.... (laughing out loud)...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wish we could...

... transfer the rain from here back to Malaysia as you guys need it more there with all the haze and hot weather.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Swine Flu Gets Serious In Nova Scotia

There's now almost 100 people confirmed contracted the Swine flu virus here in Nova Scotia (see, "N.S. health worker contracts swine flu"). That's 2 times more than Malaysia who has only 42. And the cases of flu are mainly reported in Halifax area. We're very concerned and will be buying hand sanitizers tomorrow. Make sure you are careful too, especially if you're traveling.

Spring End 2009 & Peninsular Garden

Yes some photos to share of the public urban garden plots for farming which is just right at the back of the apartment we're staying. Its called the Peninsular Garden. This year, we're too late to apply for a plot. But we've already in the waiting list for next year and hopefully would get one.

And the field which attracts lots of people for their evening walks with the dog is called Grosebrook Park.

And here's a picture of our apartment from another angle.

Movie: The Proposal

So we finally went over to the cinema with our free ticket to watch Sandra Bullock's new movie, "The Proposal".

It was hilarious... Never laughed so much in our lives before.

But we left home earlier because we were warned by the lady who handed us out the tickets that we should go early to get good seats.

I had a fetish for McD, so it was the first time we treated ourselves with fast food. As usual, I went with something that had bacon in it (Duh! you won't get that back in Malaysia)...

And wifey took Mediterranean chicken salad.

As for the cinema, can't take much photos because there was strict policy of no taking photos and there's guards too checking. So only took from the outside,

The Weekend

So we lost count of how many weekends we've been away from home. Its really not our fault. I guess that's because the number just got bigger and its easier to count based on the months now because that's a smaller number. I would say give another 8 more days and we're officially been away from home for 2 months.

The spring season is officially over this week. Starting next week it summer. However, we're going to experience alot of rain this weekend. Our friendly CBC weather man, Peter, has forcasted a soggy Saturday noon till Sunday and most likely till next week onwards....

Hopefully it will clear up for the following weekend as we already got our tickets for the Nova Scotia seafood festival.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Off To The Movies

We're going to movies today... will update more later...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Weekend At Point Pleasant Park

Although it is called Point Pleasant Park, I sometimes call it Pleasant Point Park. Anyhow promised earlier, here are some of the photos we took when we were at PPP last weekend. This was our fourth time there. Our first was about the last month when we just arrived to Halifax.

We made 2 trips over the weekend. One was on Saturday night when we left for the place at 8.30 pm. While on the second day we went during the afternoon.

On the way to PPP,

Picture of SMU (Saint Mary's University) residential building

Houses along the way to PPP (Tower Rd)

The railway track along the way,

PPP itself in the evening

On the second day, we decided to walk through SMU campus, so we had some shots of it to show. We also took shots of Purcell Landing which was the place that we had our lunch and also read some notes. The weather was perfect too. Did you know that this is actually the LAST week of Spring? Starting next week it is already summer, so expect highs of 20 and lows of 15teen from now on.

SMU's field

The library

And here's Purcell Landing @ PPP

Over on the other side is Spryfield area, very close by to where the last bush fire happened.

The bench we occupied that's covered with our stuffs...

Purcell Landing (south side view)

Dogs taking a dip...

And the crow saying good bye....

On the way back, we also went to another part of PPP and took some good shots there...

Nice rock formation

And the trail we took to get there.