Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Moving to Canada (Part 2)

So you did the whole nine yards (went through the laborious task of filling in forms, submitting, medical, worry, interview etc etc) and now you got the welcome letter from CIC which says your application for Canadian permanent residency has been approve. So what now???

First of all, welcome to the club. Any thoughts of where you might want to land? You should probably start thinking of that now if you haven't.

Well, each province has a not-for-profit organization that reaches out to newcomers and provide support and help for their settlement needs. If I am not mistaken in your acceptance letter/email from the CIC, they would have directed you to a website for all your newcomers needs.

I did a quick google and this is their site: … /index.asp
Click on the 'Find settlement services in your area' link which would bring you to a google maps that hi lights the centres which provides these services on the map.

Take for example if you're heading to Nova Scotia, you'd be going to
Ontario -
etc etc.

There's also a good document guide from CIC which details things you need to know that answers your questions in terms of preparation etc.

The owner of the magazine, 'Canadian Immigrant', Nick Noorani (who was an immigrant himself) has additional guides to note for in terms of integrating in the job culture which is an extra for you to read if want: … anada1.pdf
which is taken from his site: that has immense information on what to watch out for.

Hope this helps.