Thursday, March 26, 2009

Going to put up some books for sale

Yes, we have some books which we do not need and will be putting it up for sale. So stay tune...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Timing

Yes the clock is ticking. We're currently waiting for our visa to be approve. Should everything goes as plan, we would be leaving by btw mid to end of April.

More news to follow...

For now, we've got alot of items in our TODO list yet to be slashed out.

One of which, we plan to hike up Broga Hills. Anyone up for it!?

Here are some links and blogs of other people's trip to Broga Hills
Google search result on "Broga Hills"
Where is it?
Here's a google maps view of where it is roughly,-95.677068&sspn=32.197599,56.601563&ie=UTF8&ll=2.945955,101.89682&spn=0.075088,0.175781&z=13&lci=com.panoramio.all

View Larger Map

Better still, this guy actually did a map that leads to it... Pretty easy to read,
click -> here

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trip Back To Malacca

On the highway back to Malacca (my hometown). It was a smooth ride home on a dull evening.

In my parents place, we were most surprised by

an additional family member, a hummingbird... It seems so comfortable and not at all afraid of building its nest just beside our dining room's window. Probably it choose that location so as to have a good view of the food at the dining table..

We managed to catch the Malacca River cruise boat ride. Ticket was priced at RM10 per person.

Overall, it was worth the while. But if you want to see more things, then a day trip is better. If you prefer a cooling ride, then night time is better...

At least, we managed to get to St. John's hill one last time. Lucky enough, we were there to enjoy the scenic sunset (not so scenic now with all the trees, it wasn't like that a few years back).

I remembered bringing my wife here 5 years ago, when we were just starting out... Ah, the good ol' days, how you just miss them.

While in Ipoh...

We were in Ipoh of course last weekend.

The roads weren't that busy, lucky for us.

And so, instead of sitting at home and staring at the dangling fishes.

We decided to go to Gunung Lang (Eagle Mountain) recreational park.

Many things to do there.

We fed the fishes (real ones),

and the ducks too (but there were a wee bit shy)

Also took a boat ride to the other side of the recreation park.

Although it was indeed HOT, but it was worth it.

Somehow for that few moments in the park, we felt somewhat care-free...

But like all things, it soon must come to an end. We said our good byes to the beautiful place,

and headed home for a good cempedak (jack fruit) feast.

  • Appreciation goes to my wife's nephew the model in this blog.
  • No fish or duck was hurt while taking shots for this blog post.

Our Last Few Savoury Moments 2.2 (Ipoh)

Dim Sum @ Ipoh

Gonna miss it...

Our Last Few Savoury Moments 2 (Ipoh)

Yes Ipoh is my wife's hometown...

And the great home-made Siam Laksa, o-la-la!
courtesy of her very own aunt :)

The preparation - the juice / soup

A close up of the juice

Smashed up fish

Lime, a must!


Nasty chee chong fun with shrimps, simply nasty

Chopped onions and cucumber

Crispy stuff -- the magic

Not so crispy stuff

Ariel view of the ingredients

The FINAL product, yum!

Simply mouth-watering ain't it!
Credit goes to, my wife's youngest aunt, the chef for the great feast and all involved in the process of making this dish...

Our Last Few Savoury Moments 1 (Bidor)

A good friend of my wife's adviced us to savour our last Malaysian food moments before we leave as there's hardly any ASEAN food where we are going.

Thus we've decided not only to do that, but also capture our colourful dishes and share them to all through this blog.

It's also a good way for us to sort of look back for remembrance - to bring back those nostalgic moments of our time before leaving Malaysia that would be great for those lonely moments while in Canada.

Here is our story.

First up, our encounter with food in Bidor (on the way up to Ipoh).

The preparation

Close up of preparation


Woo Kuok (hope I spelled it correctly)

Herbal Duck Mee

Wan Tan Mee