Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The tune of those happy and carefree summer days are long over. Our hurried paces of moving in and out of classes, meeting datelines, assignments are here to stay at least for the next 3 months. Of course on the hindsight, we constantly pushing ourselves figuring out complex theorems and probability equations which indirectly would make us a bit more mathematically sound. While the weather changes, we are slowly see how the mood of the people on the ground changes as well. Of course the obvious would be the leaves are slowly starting to change from green to red. In addition to that, the day is shorter. Darkness sets in at 7 and no longer 9 during the Spring and Summer days. And daylight sneaks upon us all around 8 and not the usual 5 in the morning. We`re constantly up beat and are always looking for new challenges. But as of the moment, we`re this one head on - surviving our FALL semester...

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