Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who Moved Our Cheese?

Its not that its missing or what but there's just too many, we don't know where to begin.
Yes, we both love the all natural goodness of the dairy by-product - C H E E S E

If we're to leave this place (though not anytime soon), one thing we'll miss most is how easy it is to get good cheese over here and also the variety of them available is simply unimaginable.

We currently just purchased an array of cheese from our local friendly store, Pete's. We took the liberty to snap some of them.

Our favourite for now, is the 3 years ol' Caron brand cheddar cheese from Montreal. High on fats but it is really good especially with crackers.
The picture taken after we finish it all.

p.s. good thing about taking them now is that all the fats won't count much given the cold weather right now :) hehe

Here's from Cows brand (incidentally the same brand as the famous Ice-cream we took in Spring).

Also smoked type of cheese called, Smoked Gouda from Du Village (really gotta build up our knowledge on Cheese)

And finally we got ourselves another type of cheese, called Brie. I personally plan to use it on my sandwich, but will be looking for other recipes where I can use it.

And not too long ago, we also got freshly grated Parmesan from Pete's and used it mostly for our Spaghetti. Its really good compared to using the dry type of Parmesan. And the end product, combined with our home made meat balls were really out of this world - beats Italianis or TGI-Friday's anytime!!

here's me making the meatballs.

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