Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yee Sang Special

Not long ago, we had a CNY lunch with together with our friends from the same apartment complex. We prepared our very own Malaysian style, Yee Sang.

To make it stand out, wifey did lots of research and used the following vegetables for the combination. Color and arrangement was also a prime importance. The list of vegetables and fruits were: Pamelo (translucent), Capsicum (Red), Cilantro (Green), Mango (Yellow), Ginger (Pinkish red), Spring Onion (light Green), Daikon (White) and Carrot at the center (Orange). For the sauce topping, a special combination that included Lee Kum Kee’s Plum sauce. And roasted sesame seed was added to it when ready to serve.


Of course a Yee Sang isn’t complete without the crispy crackers. But instead of buying ready made ones, we decided to take the risk of making our own the night before. After a near failure, we successfully were able to recreate the crackers with almost similar likeliness with the ones you find back home in our Chinese Malaysian restaurants serving this infamous CNY dish. And of course last but not the least!! The most important ingredient of them all – the fish itself. Being in Atlantic Canada has its advantage – fresh salmon is reasonably cheaper. But instead of buying off the shelf smoked salmon for the dish, we decided to cure the salmon on our own. To do that, the fish was about about 3-4 days earlier for the sole purpose of curing it to give that smoked flavour. The end product? An amazing Yee Sang dish that simple irresistible and definitely brings back memories of home.




Bon App├ętit!

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