Monday, December 13, 2010

The Last Chapter For 2010

2010 seems to have gone by rather quickly compared to 2009. Probably that’s how both of us feel about here. Maybe because we’ve been more accustomed to things here as compared to 2009. Whereas before, we were still adjusting to many things.

I know of late, there haven’t been many entries. And I believe there was a long pause between summer and now. Often there aren’t many new things to share simply because we get too caught up in the moment and forget about taking pictures. Somehow, at least for me taking pictures puts me away from enjoying the moment. So its rather best to put my camera aside and relax.

Weather wise? Fall came – it wasn’t too bad although the rain was more frequent. This year, there isn’t much snow in fall compared to last year. Infact official winter is just 1 week away. But often we still get temperatures above seasonal.

We’ve just got the car fixed and with winter tires all ready. I also got the rear window wipers tighten on my own without having to rely on the mechanic. It turns out, the nut for the screw had already wore off and all it needed a replacement.

On another note, we found out of the existence of online group coupon sites like , and etc. It gives us the chance to try out new places to eat or visit without having to break the bank.

Work has been tight – we got to press on harder to ensure that all deadlines are met and with perseverance make it through 2011 as well.

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