Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Prologue (prō'lôg', -lŏg')

Hi folks,

We're starting this blog to showcase the items we are going to sell off before we depart out of Malaysia (probably in 2 months time or so). So hang on to your seats and I shall be uploading the details very soon. We're pretty new to this so we going to have to change some of the rules of engagement as we move along.

For now, should you have any interest, you can proceed to making a comment on the particular blog entry. Otherwise simply email us at either one of the following addresses /

From there onwards we shall reveal other more personalize contact information like our cell number.

P.s. We'll be moderating the comments. So should any comments which we deem undesirable, we will be removing them without indication or notices whatsoever. Thanks for your cooperation.

Will be back soon...

Watch this space

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