Sunday, February 22, 2009

We're moving 2 Canada, so EVERYTHING MUST GO! (Master List 2)

As of April onwards, our e-online garage sales is hereby officially closed!

Yes, as mentioned when I first started this blog, we've been on our toes lately to work on our move to Canada. Only 2 more months to go, but lots more to do. Anyhow, please do spread the word around if you know of anyone who can't resist a good bargain - whether you've just moved into your new abode or you've just arrived here in Malaysia, do take your time to see what are the items you want but don't really need to get 1st hand new stuff. If you're looking for a car, we're selling our Proton Iswara. The advert to that is here -> click me!

For easy viewing, I'm creating a single blog entry that has a consolidated list of all the items we are attempting to sell. I hope this makes it easier for you to browse through the items. You may click on each of the item links to find out more details or view the photos. Pls do bookmark this page as we will update it from time to time for the other items that we haven't processed yet.

  • Cash term only
  • Cash and carry
  • Items sold are non-refundable. For items that still have warranty with them, warranty cards will be handed over upon receive of payment. Thereafter, any damages that bide within the warranty should be the responsibility of the new owner and the warranty administrator.
  • Other items with no warranty are not under guarantee by the seller.
  • Items are sold on a "first-come, first-serve" basis
If you're interested, pls send us an email to
or drop a comment here. And we will carry on from there.

Consolidated list of items for sale
  1. Leather Sofa (RM1050)
  2. Queen Size Mattress (Chiropractic recommended) + Bed Frame (RM600) Item N/A
  3. Wooden Dining Table & Chairs Set (RM534) Item N/A
  4. Zanussi Oven (RM450)
  5. High Quality Tampered Glass Working Table (RM350) Item Sold
  6. National Fridge NR-A16D (RM330) Item N/A
  7. Queen Quilt Cover Set (RM320)
  8. Washing Machine (RM300) Item N/A
  9. Samsung 20in CRT TV (RM300) Item N/A
  10. Electronic Baby Rocker (RM250)
  11. Sharp Microwave (RM170)
  12. NEW Philips Vacuum Cleaner (RM160) Item N/A
  13. NEW Philips Cucina Mixer (RM130)
  14. Multi-purpose Deep Fryer (RM120)
  15. DVD Player + Speakers Set (RM100) Item N/A
  16. Shoe Cabinet (RM100)
  17. Standing Lamp #1 (RM89)
  18. Standing Lamp #2 (RM83)
  19. National Standing Fan (RM81) Item N/A
  20. Electronic Coffee Maker (RM80)
  21. 3 Tier Wooden Cabinet with 6-Doors (RM77) Item N/A
  22. National Water Filter/Purifier (RM70)
  23. 1.13Meter Step Ladder (RM60)
  24. Foldable Table, 3ft x 3ft (RM50)
  25. Wooden Coffee Table (RM50) Item N/A
  26. 2x Foldable Mattresses (RM50/pc)
  27. Glass Coffee Table (RM50) Item N/A
  28. Digital LAN phone, Beetle brand (RM46) Item Sold
  29. Working/Study Table Lamp (RM35) Item Sold
  30. Tall Standing Mirror (RM35) Item Sold
  31. NEW Glass Ice Basket (RM35)
  32. NEW 37-38cm Diameter Car Steering Wheel Cover (RM35)
  33. NEW Electric Boiler Pot (RM50)
  34. 5 Tier Blue Plastic Cabinet (RM30) Item Sold
  35. 2x Memory Pillow (RM30/pc)
  36. Cabinet Organizer (RM30)
  37. Coffee Maker (RM30)
  38. Brown Mini Carpet (RM28)
  39. White Colored Hermen Chair (RM25)
  40. Wall Mounted Mirror (RM25) Item Sold
  41. Stainless Steel Kettle (RM25)
  42. Yoga Mat (RM25) Item N/A
  43. Pilate Set (RM25)
  44. 2x Square Cushion (RM24/pc)
  45. LAN Phone, Enzer brand (RM20) Item Sold
  46. 2 Tier Shelf (RM20) Item Sold
  47. Standing Clothes Hanger (RM20) Item Sold
  48. Ikea Foldable Table - Bed & Breakfast (RM20)
  49. Plastic Dish Drying Holder (RM20)
  50. Decorative Candle Piece From Thailand (RM18)
  51. 2x Wooden Towel Hanger (RM18/pc)
  52. 2x Remote control organizer (RM17/pc)
  53. 2x Small Cushion (RM16/pc)
  54. 2x 2-Tier 1 Door Side Cabinet (RM15/pc) Item Sold
  55. 2x Checkered Rug (RM15/pc)
  56. Set of 2xCandle Blocks with Candle Dish Holder (RM15)
  57. TV Adjustable Roller (RM12)
  58. Steel Waste Paper Basket (RM10) Item Sold
  59. 2x Corner Shelf (RM10/pc) Item Sold
  60. 2x Wooden Book Shelves (RM10/pc) Item Sold
  61. Microwave Container (RM10)
  62. Vase with Artificial Flowers (RM9)
  63. Rattan Paper Basket (RM9)
  64. Plastic Stool, Ikea brand (RM8)
  65. NEW Weighing Scale for Baking (RM8)
  66. Oven Mittens set (RM6.90)
  67. Umbrella like Clothes Hanger (RM6)
  68. 2x Blue Small Plastic Chairs (RM6/pc)
  69. Food Jar Container (RM6) Item Sold
  70. Mop Pail (RM6)
  71. Small Dustin with Swing Door (RM5)
  72. Transparent Slim Vase (RM5)
  73. Swimming Board For Beginners (RM5)
  74. Plastic Bag Holder (RM5)
  75. Multi Purpose Colored Containers Set (RM5) Item Sold
  76. IKEA Organizer Tray Basket (RM3.5) Item Sold

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