Saturday, May 15, 2010

1 Year Coming…

Our bags are pack,

We’re ready to go,

Off to our home for a week or two.

Just thinking of it makes us smile inside,

Its been such a long time,

Away from home and being apart from loved-ones.

So very long it has been that we’ve forgotten

the taste of our local flairs -

of the likes of Char Kueh Teow, Chee Chong Fun, and Roti Canai.

…So long, we don’t remember the hot scorching sun of 32 degrees Celsius.

as we’re constantly worry about how cold it’ll get over here.

Less clothes but more gifts we squeeze anywhere in btw our bags,

chocolates, fridge magnets, etc – tokens for friends and family

So – here we come. Home sweet home…

A journey that’s just moments away.

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