Saturday, October 10, 2009

Google Street View

You really have to hand it to Google - they're really doing really good things. Street view is one of them. Check out an image of me surfing Street view. Here you can see the image of the entrance to the university (click to enlarge).

What I like about this is now I could get a view of the place I wanna go to in 3D perspective rather than the 2D view from you standard map. I am pretty sure this is also something welcoming for those in the tourist industry. Would be visitors could use this product to sort of get a feel of the place they want to go to before making that decision.

Street view is now available in Canada. Its a widely available in the US and UK but has been slow to get on air in Canada due to privacy issues. Most major Canadian cities has Streetview capabilities on Google maps e.g. Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax and Calgary. How do you use it? Well just look out for the following icon on when using Google maps. If its colored in Orange that means there's Street view service over the area and you can then drag and drop it over a street you intend to take a sneak peak at.

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