Saturday, October 10, 2009

Marlborough Woods

This blog is dedicated to my wife's 2nd sister and her husband who love trekking the most, and also to my parents who of late have found youth in their post-retirement days with the countless of adventures and morning walks.

Not long ago, prior to the torturing days of exams and assignments we're experiencing of late, we roamed the tiny Halifax peninsular at its Western arm side. We came across Marlborough Woods Park,

which is a street of untouch natural wooded forest found in the South End of Halifax that stretches in between railroad and the coast facing Halifax's Western Arm.

It was a bit of a experience. Walking just 2 of us in a quite surrounding which was pretty shaded and I could say spooky if not the least.

But conquering our fears, we stride on and was captivated by the beauty of the natural surrounding albeit the railroad that's always just a glance away.

Well, we did come across a pylon along the way and can't help but to capture it with a backdrop of a fighter jet's trail.

The trail took about 10 minutes walk give or take a minute or so. And we ended up at Atlantic School of Theology.

Which had some pretty old unique structures for its buildings.

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