Saturday, October 31, 2009

Health is Wealth

Today is a an eventful day.

First of all it is Halloween - so lots of people walking around in custome.
Secondly there's daylight savings for Nova Scotia, so by end of day (Oct 31), we'll have to reset our watches to 1 hr backwards. This means we'll be 12 hrs behind Malaysia instead of the normal 11 hrs we're familiar with.
3rd - Wife went to Pete's on here own (while I waited). Pete's have great discounts this week as its celebrating its 5 yrs in Spring Garden Rd. As a result our fridge is PACKED!

Lastly, its the first time I'm officially using my MSI card.
Yes I went to see the doctor. That's why wife went to get some veg and bread. Most of the things at home are meaty or either to be grilled.

Well I hope it would be the last (well except for Nov 19 which is the day both wife and I have booked an appointment for our H1N1 vaccination and influenza jab) time I'm using the card.

Its really troublesome to be sick here. Don't mention the fact that we do not drive, but even when you get to the clinic, you'll have to make sure that you have an appointment first. Of course, calling them is another issue - they hardly pick up the phone!!! Not to mention that certain doctors can be crap (fortunately the one that check me today wasn't). Then last but not least, medicine are not dispense at the clinic, but infact the pharmacy, so if you're lucky, clinic may be next to one, if not, you'll have to go find a pharmacy.

So, "health is wealth"...

Time to detox and be a vegetarian for a day or two... Nobody wants to go through being sick. Not even the caregiver (thanks wifey)....

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