Friday, January 29, 2010

Debunking Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Get Rich Program

Just watched today’s episode of CBC’s Marketplace program. It was particularly interesting for me because this particular episode exposes the slick tricks used by Robert Kiyosaki’s Learn to be Rich training workshop. That’s because both wifey and I went to the preview last year and were abit interested in signing up. But luckily we didn’t – and here’s why:

Based on the episode by CBC titled, “How not to get taken in by real estate seminars”

  • The free intro session pitches its viewers to sign up for a 3days (costs CAD 500) workshop in which 3 days are spend on giving additional sales pitch for another costlier advance real-estate courses (price tagged at CAD 40K and more).
  • Lots of folks have been tricked and not have their money returned.
  • Rude trainers who conduct training sessions unprofessionally.
  • Unwise lessons – such as asking you to raise your credit card limit to 100K!!!
  • MOST OF ALL –> the man himself, Robert Kiyosaki being aware of these events and happenings but NOT doing anything serious about it!!! And why? Well, perhaps he’s getting alot of money out of it – so why should he…?!

Here’s a shot of Marketplace’s Erica Johnson interviewing Robert himself when he was here in Vancouver not too long ago…


So you think you’d learn something from Robert’s lessons. Well you probably would have learn a thing or two but, do be wise with anything else apart from that – like signing up for his workshops.

Want to know more? Just go to CBC Marketplace’s video channel and look for this particular episode and probably you’ll get a first understanding why –> here.

Here’s the CBC’s promo vid of that episode on facebook,
and here

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