Saturday, January 16, 2010

Of Excercise And All

We've talked alot about it but rarely acted on it as we thought the continuous walking to lab, supermarkets, parks, and wherever we went (plus using bus as well but you still have to walk to bus stops, eh!?) would be exercise enough for us.

But finally, we were invited by one of our faculty mate who is part of a group of oriental students that gather to play badminton with each other every Friday evening. Although squash would be our preferred choice, but I guess the company was undeniably better with a larger crowd.

We met a few familiar faces that we saw when we attended the orientation for Fall intake last year. So wifey took the opportunity to play catch up with some chit chat. For me, it was pure fun, playing my hearts out - almost until I forgot that I haven't been playing for quite a while. Hardly a day after its over and all my body parts are aching. Sigh... - is this the sign of old age? Wifey also complain as such... Anyhow, guess we still have a little fire left in us - will be going for dance class tonight at a community church and later a drink with a friend.

What a weekend this is going to be!

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