Friday, January 22, 2010

Wintery Updates

Winter isn't all too bad. Partly because we've been lucky to come around this time. Compared to last year, as we were told, this year's winter seem very mild.... for now.... Hope it last till CNY.

We managed to get hold of a plot of land behind for our gardening. That's an excellent piece of news.

As for the day, unlike in Fall where the combination of a daylight savings and the earth's rotation, made it seem a lot shorter (becomes night by 4.15nish), that's quite the opposite now as the I guess its reach the shortest daylight it can even reach in Fall already. Now the day is expanding. Of late, daylight last right till about 5.30nish.

On to something else - sometime back, some asked me now that you're in Canada for sometime, can you tell the difference between Canadian accent? Well some might they use alot of 'eh', in their sentences, but I guess there wasn't much of that around. I would say that they tend to give emphasis on anything with a 'o' or 'ou' sound in it. Say for example about, the o is emphasis so much until the word sounds like aboat.

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