Monday, January 11, 2010

Ushering 2010 With A Big S-M-I-L-E

This year, we're welcoming 2010 with a big SMILE

Yes. We are.

We're committed to having a more positive outlook in life.
We're committed to loving each other more, day after day.
We want to grow in strength, both with wisdom and compassion.
We want to be more focus in our responsibilities - that includes our research work as well as anything else we set our minds to.
We will persevere in our life's challenges miles and miles away from home, no matter what the odds are (for the past 8 mths we thought the odds were against us, but we survive through it all)

To start of, we're done some interesting things. We got ourselves a sleigh and rode mad rides down the hill behind our apartments. Take a look at some of the blurred shots we took.

Here's the field covered with fresh snow.

And here's what it looks like when there's just too many people there. Lucky for us, we woke up about 7 to play in the snow.

We also been baking a lot... Yes we have... Here's some of our master pieces, of which we love baking bread the most. We're also (mostly, wifey) kinda obsess with our new blog on our baking rendezvous - but we're waiting for a couple of recipes first before making the link available  here.

Well, I know I've not been contributing to this blog as often as I have - probably that's because we've been very busy and focused with work of late too. If its not reading in the lab, we're off to acquire some stuff for the home. For example, I've bought some soil as I've taken up another interest which is to build our indoor herb garden. Problem is, its winter and there's not much places where you can find them selling seeds. So the easiest to plant for now would be garlic and next in line, onions.

We've also changed the position of the furnitures in the unit. As we got another futon which was given to us by our new acquaintances we've made in the building. We also got ourselves some extra lights for the the kitchen and the study area.

All that being said, we're looking forward for good week ahead. So just sit and relax. Enjoy your coffee and biscuit as we bring you more news of things over here. Hope to hear from you all too.

picture taken from wife's recent baking wonders - biscotti

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