Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Timing

Yes the clock is ticking. We're currently waiting for our visa to be approve. Should everything goes as plan, we would be leaving by btw mid to end of April.

More news to follow...

For now, we've got alot of items in our TODO list yet to be slashed out.

One of which, we plan to hike up Broga Hills. Anyone up for it!?

Here are some links and blogs of other people's trip to Broga Hills
Google search result on "Broga Hills"
Where is it?
Here's a google maps view of where it is roughly,-95.677068&sspn=32.197599,56.601563&ie=UTF8&ll=2.945955,101.89682&spn=0.075088,0.175781&z=13&lci=com.panoramio.all

View Larger Map

Better still, this guy actually did a map that leads to it... Pretty easy to read,
click -> here

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