Saturday, March 21, 2009

While in Ipoh...

We were in Ipoh of course last weekend.

The roads weren't that busy, lucky for us.

And so, instead of sitting at home and staring at the dangling fishes.

We decided to go to Gunung Lang (Eagle Mountain) recreational park.

Many things to do there.

We fed the fishes (real ones),

and the ducks too (but there were a wee bit shy)

Also took a boat ride to the other side of the recreation park.

Although it was indeed HOT, but it was worth it.

Somehow for that few moments in the park, we felt somewhat care-free...

But like all things, it soon must come to an end. We said our good byes to the beautiful place,

and headed home for a good cempedak (jack fruit) feast.

  • Appreciation goes to my wife's nephew the model in this blog.
  • No fish or duck was hurt while taking shots for this blog post.

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