Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Google Analytics

I'm such a fool for figures. Well call it lame or cheesy but I've been playing around with Google Analytics and find it an interesting piece of web app that'll add some spice into managing your blog or website.

Here's how some of the interesting things you can do with Google Analytics as you can see from the pictures below of me using Analytics to analyze

As you can see, my blog hit a spike in visits to up to 50 hits somewhere on Feb 27 and then took a nose-dive :)

Anyhow, thanks to Taty and friends for passing the word around about me selling my stuff. Unfortunately, I still haven't found a buyer for my car yet! :(

So I've just posted the ad again in an ex-colleuage's website,, which specializes in putting up car for sale ads -- FREE! I'm still waiting for the ad to be approve. Will post the link here later...

I'm looking for people to rent my condo. Sorry, no ad for that yet. But its in the works. If you are looking for a cozy corner in the heart of PJ / 5 minutes walk to 1Utama / IBM Plaza / KPMG Towers / 1 World / TV3 that's fully-furnished and with a single carpark, do buzz me -> 

Back to Google Analytics. So, if you're bored, give it a try. It has plenty of cool stuff to learn about your blog/ website. Take a look at the things you can learn about it from the side panel (for example).  

My all time favourite is to see who's viewing my blog from various parts of the globe.

Tried playing with Adsense too. But whaddaya expect when you're still taking baby steps... :)

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