Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trip Back To Malacca

On the highway back to Malacca (my hometown). It was a smooth ride home on a dull evening.

In my parents place, we were most surprised by

an additional family member, a hummingbird... It seems so comfortable and not at all afraid of building its nest just beside our dining room's window. Probably it choose that location so as to have a good view of the food at the dining table..

We managed to catch the Malacca River cruise boat ride. Ticket was priced at RM10 per person.

Overall, it was worth the while. But if you want to see more things, then a day trip is better. If you prefer a cooling ride, then night time is better...

At least, we managed to get to St. John's hill one last time. Lucky enough, we were there to enjoy the scenic sunset (not so scenic now with all the trees, it wasn't like that a few years back).

I remembered bringing my wife here 5 years ago, when we were just starting out... Ah, the good ol' days, how you just miss them.

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