Sunday, December 6, 2009

Almost Full Circle

1 year ago around this time of the year, we were in the midst of applying to the get to here. I still remember how intense the moment was as we threaded through the paths we needed to take to eventually make sure getting here became a reality.

Even then, we weren't too sure of the possibility of ending up on this foreign land. But we did eventually. Same time, 1 year later, - December - we're still experiencing the same, "more or less", nerve-wrecking and gut-wrenching moments. This time, it's end of the term season where the pressure is on to complete multiple projects and also slogging for an end of term exam.

I pray for our well-being and sanity to make it through alright. But we'll be fine. We've made it this far and gone through a whole lot more - it'll take more than one hard-press semester to take us down.

On the bright side though, we're dreaming of a "white" x'mas.. So far, we've had 2 snowfalls.

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