Friday, December 18, 2009

Going to Be White After All

Seems like it's going to be a white X'mas after all. Even when we're still strapped with our last remaining project (due next Monday) we managed to find the time to hang out with a uni mates who invited us over to caroling session which is kind of a tradition here (sorry, no photos, fingers were too cold).

Despite the being introduced to new people we've not seen before, we braved the cold weather and headed out to the streets of Halifax (well only 1 street) and sang along.

It was a great experience, especially when it decided to snow and snow it really did. As we were trying to sing the lyrics from the piece of paper each of us had, one could see the snow as they gathered on the paper. Wasn't that thick but thick enough to really feel the magical snowy sensation. Its simply amazing and indescribable. Places like the snow city in Singapore science center or even Bukit Cahaya's 4 season's house can't come close to the real thing.

We truely enjoyed ourselves. Hopefully, we'll bring the camera next time and take a good shot to share.

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