Thursday, December 31, 2009

Planet Organic

This past few days have been crazy - not because we are rushing for some kind of deadline or what, but because we've been occupying ourselves with going out every so often. On one of those crazy days, we drop by Quinpool Rd and decided for once to walk right to the very end of where any proper retail shop may exist. Before that, we checked it out on Google Maps and found that there were a couple of shops that may interest us. So off we went out on the Metro Transit bus, with our winter boots on and our thick and overweight winter coats. When reached Quinpool, we walked from one end to the other, passing by many of the stores that we regularly go to like Canadian Tire, Atlantic Superstore, NSLC and even KFC. And apart from the Asian grocery, we found this little store which at didn't really intrigue us much (at first), called Planet Organic (for many reasons but for me, mainly because of the O word in its name).

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But having roam this tiny store, we stumbled upon a very interesting aisle that sold spices, flour and beans which allowed customers to buy how much they wanted. This is unlike other stores that usually sells in certain quantity. We haven't really compare the price as this store only displayed the cost by a smaller unit of weight, but plan to do so soon. Although we are very please to know that they allow customers to buy how much they want as this will prevent us from the need to buy too much of something which we would only want to use it once in your cooking or baking.

Here are just of the many array of flour/beans that were sold

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