Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Of Sleds and Toboggans 2

So we headed out to Canadian Tire today and got ourselves a sleigh.

Look at it, pretty sleek isn't it.

Ain't exactly the Rolls Royce of sleds but it'll do
By the way it is called, Snow Runner.

Sadly, all the snow is melting right now. Weather Canada predicts that the next few days would be pretty warm for this time of the year. A high of 5 and low of 0 C. Pretty unusual for beginning of Winter season. So guess, we'll have to wait awhile before we let Snow Runner for a test drive. But the change of weather is good though as we'll be heading to Cape Breton next week. Hopefully, it'll be good enough for us to go to Cabot's Trail too.

Apart from the sleigh we also got ourselves board games and a deck of cards.

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