Saturday, December 12, 2009

Trapped... Just a little more way to go...

Its how we feel at every moment we catch our breath. We're close but not there yet. X'mas and the holiday feel is creeping though we aren't able to immerse ourselves in the mood.

The final mile it is. Imagine us running a long 8 months lap and we're in our final stretch. The ending bell has rung, and we're now in sprint mode. The cold weather couldn't come at a better time.

The weather is colder. There have been a couple of short flurries of late. Snow is fun only if its not mix with rain. And because its not really winter as yet, they come and go. Weather temperatures are now all entering in the negative - below the freezing point. Although, that's not something to worry as long as one can cover oneself well with the correct amount of layers, what one should watch out is actually the slippery street and sidewalks. Now that the temperature is below the freezing point, any patch of water would easily turn to ice. So puddles get turned into mini ice-rinks. What's dangerous though is that some of them aren't very obvious.

Oh well, we got our list of to do's and put them up on the fridge. I'll blog of that a little later but some of them very quickly are:
  • some home fix it things
  • new recipes to try
  • hobbies to indulge and
  • also we're planning to set up our mini herb garden - yay!...
Stay tune. Until then, we'll see you at the end of the line....

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  1. hey..

    final lap dy huh?? hehe.. will be over before you know it.. :D