Sunday, April 12, 2009

All About Moving Out & Being Homeless

As you may have known, we're going to Canada and that's not a new story by now. Our journey begin last year when we had this opportunity ringing at our front door (a figure of speech). So, we answered the call and to our surprise we are now on our way to Canada by end of this month.

However, the journey was not without its ups and downs. "Downs" especially, for the story today is the story of us having to move out from our beloved home - one which we have throughout 2007 and 2008 build together and lived together, and thus have a very strong connection or bond (if you will) with. Although very high up in the sky and a mere 925 sq ft, the tiny fortress was our beloved abode which will always have a place in our hearts.

Although the bulk of moving things out did not start until March itself, we were lucky to have started moving some of our things way earlier in Jan and Feb to avoid having a mountain of things to shift out. We also engaged in a online garage sale to speed things up and to avoid having to move them out by ourselves. It was pretty alright and we managed to sell a few big and also small stuff.

Eventually, our home got messier as things starts to be sorted and filtered (as you can see below from the result of our moving out efforts to our second room).

But as the weeks gets shorter, and before long we have only but days left. Even then we managed to get hold of sometime and enjoy our very last cake-making efforts...

And also enjoy, the wonders of our "Zanussi" oven.

Thought it may not be BreadTalk standard, it was alright!

The important thing was, we had a good time and ensured that our breakfast was covered for the next few days...

What both of us will also miss were the view that we enjoyed from up above. Take a look at some of these shots (it ain't exactly quality pics but then again whaddaya expect from a Lumix amateur type camera)

KLCC view

KLCC View as the sun sets

Former working place (Nope, wasn't with KPMG!)

View of the river and small waterfall from our balcony

As we packed our bags to fill up our car boot,

we prepared ourselves to say our final goodbye before handing the keys over to our new tenants. We pray,

that they too will take good care of our home as much as we did for it has after all taken good care of us for almost 2 years... yes indeed, 2 unforgettable years.

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