Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our First Few Days In Halifax

How are we? Surviving I guess :)
12 hrs of sleep non-stop... But not before a long grueling hunt for a bed... Its not CHEAP here...

So we eventually decided to rough it out - with camping gears... Got some photos of our trip to hunt for essentials before our long hibernation. Here goes

While waiting for bus home @ Lakewood terminal

Observing the cars passing by...

Our kitchen... Its OK... Love the stove though... Everything is GE.

Bought a Black & Decker electric boiler for a BARGAIN - CND 30 Only from trusty Wallmart and while we are that, also bought stuffs from Canadian's equivalent of Wal Mart, Zellers...

Yes, evidence of our act of shopping at WalMart @ Bayer's Lake Business Park

Camping in our bedroom... When you're tired, anything goes...

The view from our apartment... The sky is BLUE and very clear...

Another view, what you can see here is the hospital.

Cheers, will keep posting more when time permits... Now its off to doing some more shopping :P

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