Monday, April 20, 2009


Since the months got reduced to weeks and weeks down to days, there has been more emotions that we've experienced all together in just this 6 months compared the whole of the pass 3 years before.

For me, its almost as though we know the date we are going to pass away. Some may call it a taboo but I see it as an opportunity to learn the art of letting go. It ain't easy but it is what it is a lesson in life and in practice. Everything I thought was mine and touch suddenly becomes meaningless. I know, for sure, that I won't be able to bring across and yet, when I was touching it, I felt an attachment. So I was mindful enough to tell myself, this is impermanent. 

I guess we'll the light at the end of the tunnel upon landing @ Halifax Airport :)
Wish us a good rebirth, wish us a safe journey.

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