Thursday, April 30, 2009

Second Day On The Road

So we went to our Faculty today. Got our IDs for both the Uni and also our Fact. Guess what? They call our lab - the playground. Yes, that's what they call it here. Then we went to Scotia bank to try and open an account. Boy that's another experience. It seems things here are pretty much more laid back. There's no queue numbering and also we need to book an appointment to open an account. So, we'll be coming in again tomorrow morning.

Then we also went to the 2 major phone and internet operators here Rogers/Eastlink and Bell Aliant. Can you believe it, 5Mb internet is a normal connection over here. 15 Mb is already high speed. The later roughly cost CND66 including tax and the former CND55.

As we were walking back from Sobey's, for the first, we saw clouds here in Halifax. Unlike Malaysia which is pretty much cloudy everyday, here, seeing cloud is a rare moment (see pic above).

And here is Wellington St. The street that our place is at.

And that is Peter Green Hall from the outside.
So tomorrow, we're off to the bank - and hope we could get our account up soonest and then its off to getting a phone and hopefully interent. I am really keen on getting Rogers/Eastlink. Hmm... will wait and see how it goes.

Oh yea, the day seems longer here. 8.45 pm and there's still sunlight. Total darkness comes only around 9 pm. And day light comes at 6 am. So this means longer day, shorter night... As for the weather, it is better than yesterday and little more bearable - roughly 15 - 17 degrees unlike yesterday when it could be sometimes 6-7 degrees. And the wind so strong that one old lady fell down when we were at Bayers Lake Business Park. Anyhow, more to come... Till then...

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