Saturday, April 18, 2009

Things To Accomplish While In Canada

To quell my fears of moving SOOO freaking far away for SOOOO freaking long time for the first in my life, I'm listing down a list of things I look forward to accomplish apart from work and my studies...

  1. Get an extra scholarship
  2. Walk Cabot's Trail and while at it, visit, Gampo's Abbey (an article from BuddhistTV news), and perhaps come back again occasionally to do our meditation retreat there.
  3. Visit Peggy's Cove
  4. Kayaking at Cape Chignecto
  5. Of course occasional jogging sessions round Pleasant Point Park during Spring, Summer and Fall
  6. Write a couple of articles to some Tech site like developerWorks - got some ideas up my sleeves already.
  7. Continue blogging... Having though whether to maintain 'goin2canada', once we're there or change it to something like 'alreadyincanada' / 'hereincanada' / 'stayingincanada' / 'gone2canada'... hehehe... I accept suggestions...
  8. Visit PEI and while at it the longest bridge in Canada, Confederation Bridge, and also Green Gables (the place that inspired the story of Anne of Green Gables).
  9. Visit the Big Brother, United States of America, since we also got our US Visa. Probably by boat from Yarmouth and while at it visit the magnificant coast lines of Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia side.
  10. Camping at Kejimkujik National Park
Obviously there's so much more that can be done and definitely could be added to the list from time to time... Of course, if you have any better ideas on what to do, do drop a comment... :)

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