Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Eagle Has Landed

Yes, we've finally gone to Canada (gone2canada)...

Here's our almost 1 day journey in a nutshell...

Changi, Singapore to Tokyo, Japan ~ 7 hrs
(if you thought the 1st Leg was BAD, the 2nd was worst!!!)
Tokyo, Japan to New York, USA ~ a GRUELING 13 hrs
New York, USA to Halifax, Canada ~ 2 hrs

Here's some photos to go along with it....

The trusty interactive TV control available in JAL (code sharing with AA). Sure beats the hell out of reading a book...

The wine that's definitely a must on very LONG hauls... (not sure if MAS would serve this)... Yes we did take on the first 2 legs. Both red wine and white wine. Mine you, when you're dry, any form of liquid goes!!!!

Arriving at Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan

The magnificent view of the mountain ranges of Yukon Territory / Alaska (and probably passed by Quebec's ranges too).... Just miles and miles of white colored land below.

Arrival at New York's JFK airport

Another pic of the inside.

And departure to Halifax from JFK airport on American Eagle.

Didn't take much of the landing @ Halifax airport though as we were really tired then. Plus, we didn't have the luxury of walking through the connector. We had to use the airplane stairs. And for the first time, like Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, we knew how HARSH Halifax weather could be.... Even 18 degree's Celsius, it was mighty chilly - even for the few seconds on the ground before we headed for shelter... (Heck, who knows what else is in store for us)...

Residing @ the Airport for the night till morning @ Tim Horton's Cafe. Besides the Caucasians amongst us 2 foreign looking Asians, we had the birds as companion... Interestingly, the birds have their own nest built into the trees which right at the center of the Airport - How bout that!!! :)

Anyway, all in all -- The Eagle Has Landed and We're Ready To Spread Our Wings....

Good night, Good day, Good evening everybody, where ever you may be.

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