Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1 Week In Ontario

At last we've finally completed our 1 week trip to the province of Ontario. Ok we didn't travel the whole of Ontario but at least we've been to the major tourist attractions. We visited Toronto and Niagara.

We just got back on the 4th of Aug and ever since then I've been cracking my head as to how to write this blog. The fact is there's so many things to tell with pictures. So I figured instead of writing something which the picture and with that tell the story, I'm going to begin writing something with words - just writing away whatever is in my head that I want to say and then if there's a picture that fits in between, I'll put it there. So this means this blog article may change from time to time.

If you just want to see our photos, then head to our facebook account, there's tonnes of photos there which I've already uploaded. Not yet a friend? then find for me in my wife's account. Oh yea, I forgot, this blog is mainly for people we know, so whatever photo goes in here would be a strictly following our "no face" policy.

This 1 week has be been quite an eye opener for us.... Us, 2 Malaysians who of all the places in the world landed up in Halifax, Nova Scotia and now going for a holiday in Toronto and Niagara for the summer. It is really something. To sum it all up let me just say that our trip away can be broken down to the following.
  1. Holidaying in Niagara and Niagara-on-the-lake
  2. Meeting other Malaysians and Asian Immigrants
  3. Being in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area (GTA), what's it like.
If there's anything we've learned from this trip, the main one is always go for holidays on non-peak period. Either during Spring or Autumn. That's when prices are cheaper.

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