Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Ok we regret not having done much work. But with summer holidays coming to an end and the imminent arrival of September (that's when our classes begin), we're using up our precious free time as much as we can before its slips away and we're stuck with frozen food.

But all is not lost of course, no work on the books means lots of time in the kitchen. Of late, we've experimented preparing the following things. (I regret not taking some photos of them - probably because of the shame of not having perfected the dish yet - but anyway given our circumstances, I would say we did quite ok):

  • Cincaluk chicken
  • Cincaluk omelet
  • Risotto (using brown rice)
  • Skewers
  • Po-boy cajun style shrimp sandwich
  • and my Mrs has perfected the art of baking the Mrs Field like chocolate cookies.
  • lastly, I tried making oven-dried tomatoes
Here's the photo of the oven dried tomatoes.

The tomatoes all lined up before cutting them

These are locally grown Nova scotian tomatoes. It would have been better if we did with plum tomatoes but for our case these tomatoes were on offer that day.

Just out from the oven

The sun (oven) dried tomatoes all jarred up.

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