Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hurricane Bill

We've always make it a point, at the very least, to listen to the local news as we do not have any cable nor TV. Fortunately the Internet connection is fast here and almost everything (like news) are available online.

Of late, we've been hearing of a tropical Atlantic storm called Hurricane Bill that has just be promoted to category 3. Although the recent news says that its going to simmer down and weaken as it reaches to Nova Scotia, but reading through some comments online, lots of locals staying in Halifax are saying that they aren't taking any chances especially since they have experience Hurricane Juan late 2003. Basically it was expected to have missed NS but somehow didn't.

Learning from experience lots of them are preparing an emergency kit and stoking up. I think we should too. I've been looking online on how to prepare an emergency kit and found one here.

The regular updates to the path of Hurrican Bill can be seen through the following visualization,

Also, here's the news about it from CNN itself. The hurricane's projected path shown here (you can see it heading straight towards NS).

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