Monday, August 31, 2009


There's a very large gap between the last post and this one. That's going to be very common soon. The good thing about having a blog is that it keeps your thoughts and memories shelved aside so that one day, if you need to, you could just go pack and recall "almost" all the things you encountered (at least the major moments) once more. Those moments, for us, have been alot since we're so new to this country. As time goes by, we become familiar and there seem to be less and less to say - unless of course we've been somewhere new of seen something unfamiliar. That's not to say that you don't see new things everyday or every week. Probably it just doesn't feel that BIG a deal as before!

So, am I getting lazier? Yikes I guess its true on one end but at the same time I am prepared to give up the joy of "constantly" and "frequently" sharing our moments here. Gee, we even thought that it would be more fun (down the line) to get hold of a camcorder instead of a camera. Because that way we could capture the motion of surrounding environment in the new places we've been - and! nothing beats pictures more than videos itself!

If it isn't the laziness then I'll blame it on the weather. Having just entered the month of September, we're only 2 more weeks before entering fall. Technically speaking, there ought to have some more days with bright shinny, clear skies and slettering heat of 30 degrees tops and minimum of 28. BUT! That's not the case. Of late, the day has been pretty cool. And its just not last week but this week too. Believe or not, this year's summer is the summer that never was! Its now kind of clear that, with the cool temperature (in teens already - average 17 degrees during the day) that Fall is already here. Of course that means winter would be just round the corner. So I guess, it wouldn't be long before you'll start to see some post about our new experience with the change in weather. We hope to have some shots posted as well. Better yet, with a camcorder, some vids too.

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