Thursday, August 6, 2009

Meeting Other Malaysians and Asian Immigrants

Having lived in Halifax, NS a small sleepy hollow for the past 3 and half months it was really a relief for us to have finally met some Malaysians. But of all the places it wasn't in Halifax. It was on our trip to Toronto and Niagara that we were able to meet and talk to them.

The meeting proof to be a valuable experience, having had the opportunity for us to ask some questions and and also learn from their experiences. We met 3 different group of people. One was my wife's friend's family which helped us a lot - providing food and lodgings for our stay in Toronto. The other was the innkeeper to the B&B we stayed while holidaying in Niagara and last was meeting my distant cousin and her husband (who's formerly from Hong Kong).

We learned most of all what its like to be Asian in a predominantly White country - although I would say that that is not the case anymore for Toronto and GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Some places like Mississauga which we stayed while in Toronto are full with Asians. However, if you were to go a little further like Kitchener or Burlington, these areas are what they call WAS-py = White Anglo Saxon predominant, just like here in Halifax.

We also learn more about banking, living, the weather, the education system, etc. We learn the difference between a PR, a Citizen and non-PR immigrant. Did you know that come late Autumn and the whole of Winter, daylight period is shorter! It is. Which makes it really really dull and gloomy. In fact it'll get dark by 4.30pm and only start to have daylight at around 8-9 am. Unlike other periods where daylight can be as early as 5 am and ends around 9-9.30 pm. That's a tremendous change.

They also shared with us some other tips on living during winter. Having shared their experiences with us gave us a little confidence to keep on moving further in facing our remaining years here. We totally grateful to all them especially to my wife's friends' family who has been very accommodating with us while staying at their place.

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