Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Breaking Guitars Doesn't Come Cheap

It was a PR fiasco for airline supremo, United Airlines when they did not respond well to the initial complains of local Nova Scotian singer, Dave Carroll. What happened was that Dave and his band were traveling United Airline when one of the passenger noticed that the baggage handler "man-handled" a guitar from the plane. And of course it was non-other than Dave's guitar which was a bit of an expensive too. Upon returning home, he immediately tried to call United and despite his continuous tries to contact and get some form of compensation was not fruitful in his attempt. Finally, resigning to the fact that he wasn't able to get any result from United, he told them that he has decided to produce 3 songs relating his ordeal with the airline and its staff.

Here's the clips. They are pretty catchy actually. It has sort of a country twang to yea?!
Take a listen and I'm sure you'll agree with me.

Song No. 1

Song No. 2

He's produced 2 of them since. You probably should read the actual story from his site,

There's also a facebook fan page for it. Check it out here.

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