Monday, July 6, 2009

Change Of Lifestyle

Remember those times when you've just got the feeling like you need to let it all go and be away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Imagine the jams, the stress at work, deadlines to meet and piles and piles of bills to settle. I remember those times, it wasn't long ago.

Probably about 2 and a half months back. But that's also the time when you (we) also have the convenience of slipping into our car and heading off to 1Utama for a relaxing break.

Going window shopping / hunting for food / calling up ol' pals for a makan2 or yamcha2 / or simply going to Bkt Kiara for a nice jog to let it all out of your system. And if there's time and you're really committed, with proper planning, you could head on a bus or just ride off to a get-away location for a detressing weekend by the beach or up on the hillside. Yup, despite the current state of politics in the country, there's nothing like home. After more than 2 months of being away, it gets to you. So if you probably wondering when we're going to write this piece on how we missed home, you finally got it. This is it!!!

But the good part about it is that, we live in escapism perceptually. You know back in MY, it was only on occasion that'll find time to get away (that's if you're lucky). But here, your every move is set back in "auto cruise". That's why, in the great words of the show Spiderman, "WITH GREAT POWER, COMES GREATER RESPONSIBILITY".

With more freedom, time and flexibility, we're responsible for our time management and the need to focus our energy into doing the right thing at the right time. What is most important is the need to get things done. With so much freedom, its so easy to get distracted. So, from time to time, we need to get somekind of a jolt of electricity into our system - reminding us to STAY-ON-TRACK... This is a new lifestyle, one that we're slowly adjusting but definitely appreciating more and more everyday.

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