Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tall Ship 09

Over the weekend we went to Halifax waterfront to catch a glimpse of the many tall ships that we docked at the harbour for the Nova Scotia Tall Ship 2009 event.

Fortunately it was a sunny day and the weather was cooling.

We took lots of shots and including vids of the event and here are some of them I've selected to be shared.

The view of Georges Island from the waterfront. The weather was great which resulted in a good shot it.

Here's a view of Georges Island from a distance (we'll definitely plan a trip there later...)

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Of course we took shots of the many ships that were there. There were big, medium and even small ones.

Having said that, I can't resist taking shots of monuments and interesting signboards.

Here's one of Sir Samuel Cunard a famous figure in world history (so to speak and apparently a Halagonion).

Here's one I took of a crew reenacting a royal soldier carrying a cannon.

I've captured it on vid as you'll see below later.

And the Mrs captured a pic of a sailor as he ushered visitors into a ship.

While here's a pic of a crew hoarding up supplies to a ship.

And of course with such an event expecting a huge crowd would definitely need a huge number of "loos" aka toilet. And here's a pic of all the blue little johns staked up in a line.

Here are some of the vids we have.

This final one is where the crew explains the preparation of the cannon and also firing it.

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