Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Of Bipartisanship & Paul McCartney

Paul's coming to town this weekend. A concert that is estimated to attract people into the 100 thousands at the Halifax Commons ground. He's 67 and they may never be any other concert like it again at least here in Canada. Well, mum, lucky you got a chance to see him perform live. Not that we're going though, the tickets are rather dear.

Anyhow, interestingly in today's The ChronicleHerald, both the New Premier of Nova Scotia, Darell Dexter and Halifax Regional Municipality's Mayor, Peter Kelly, set their political ideologies aside and combine effort to help promote the concert. It is said that the concert would draw thousands of tourist dollars into the province and so promoting it is definitely a step in the right direction. Both leaders (Peter from the conservative and Darell from NDP) were made to play Paul and Ringo to re-enact The Beatles' iconic cover art of the Fab Four's 169 album Abbey Road.

I don't think such a thing would ever happen back in Malaysian. The only thing close to team work is fighting in Perak assembly hall and pepper sprays and what have you not....

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