Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day

Ok we went to watch the fireworks on Canada Day. Pretty interesting as it was at the Halifax Waterfront Harbor.

The last time I said that I have some photos. Well I haven't downloaded them from my camera yet but anyhow here's a better pic I borrowed from a local daily, Metronews. I'll post up mine later. Of course you can't compare this one with mine.

What is Canada Day? Well Canada Day is the equivalent to that of Mederka Day back home. But the differences I have seen is that people here feels more patriotic about it (and I not just referring to the ang-mohs or the blacks, but also to the once immigrant like the Chinese, Indian, Korean, etc etc who are now Canadians). Alot of them have a sense of pride and find Canada one of the BEST place to live in the world. Hmmm.... not too sure about that yet.

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