Sunday, July 26, 2009

Peanut Butter

1kg of peanut butter cost about CAD3.90 when discounted, +/- 50 cents depending on the brand and offer.

Peanut butter (PB) has been a staple diet of late. It's considered something we can fall back on when we're not in a creative mood or have no other options (that means we have ran out of resources).

1kg is a lot of peanut butter. And I really mean -A-L-O-T- Alot more than we have back home. Infact back in Malaysia, I don't recall having seen 1kg Peanut butter sold on the shelf. The biggest is usually about a 0.6 - 0.7 kg one.

So it got me thinking, since we love to have PB as our "fall back boy", that means we're going have to depend on it alot, especially when we get back home. Obviously PB ain't at all cheap back home. My bet if a 1kg type is sold, it would cost even more expensive after CAD3.90 is converted to Ringgit Malaysia. The conclusion go make your own PB.

Now, all we got to do is hope peanuts are cheap!

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