Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh Library, Where Art Thou?

Ever since a kid, I know I've been drilled to read, read and read. Somehow it is no surprise then, that the love for books runs deep. Heck if there's ever a need for a drip, pls hook me up to a book to IV line.

Today, having finished our delicious poutine dish, we stopped by Spring Garden Library. It was love at first sight. Ok, that's a bit too much. But yeah, it was indeed such a relieve to finally find a REAL library. Having gone to our uni's library and also the neighboring Saint Mary's library. Although it wasn't a large complex, I believe it was very well used library. There's alot of people even on a summer's weekday (before of the end of office hours). What is really cool about it is that it has a host of magazines for you to read, apart from their list of DVDs, CDs and also audio CDs which all can be borrowed out. Did you know the average household in HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality) spends an average of CAD$4.97 a mth in taxes for services at Halifax Public Libraries. That equates to 17cents per day. If you were to spend a dollar each day on your Globe and Mail daily, you'll pay more than that amount in a month. That doesn't count subscription to other magazines like National Geographic, Discovery, Canadian Geographic, etc etc or even your monthly movie rentals. The LIBRARY really a great source of information and not to mention a cool place to hang out. Besides magazine, we managed find travel books and so with our all new library card,

borrowed 2 travel books to Toronto (for our trip end of this mth) and along with some magazines which we have not read since we left home. National Geographics for me and Cosmopolitan for the Mrs.

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