Monday, July 13, 2009

The Other Side Of Grooming

Its easy to go shave your beard. All you need is a shaver - be it manual type or an electronic one. I personally prefer the later as I do not have to waste too much time. Just look into the mirror and easy does it.

But when it comes to the hair at the top of your head, it is obviously not an easy feat - trying to cut it by yourself. You'll need more than 2 hands or an extra eye to do so.

So it's always easier to get help.

When I was smaller, it was a NIGHTMARE to bring me to a barber.

(This is definitely not me...)

I practically had to be strapped to the chair if not I'll murder the barber. But these days I'm very selective of who's cutting my hair and which style (at least on my account) it is.

Back at home before flying to Canada, I'll usually go to the mall barber - the one's that charge RM12 per cut (could be RM15 by now). They would at least listen to your concerns compared to the Mamak ones. Mamak barber has only one and only one style.

and that style is non other than the infamous "COCONUT" hair cut style.

I remember in school days when the new semester begins and when you first step into the classroom, you can tell who's been to a Mamak barber for a haircut (cause everyone has the exact type of haircut)!!!

That was then. Now after 2 months++ of not having a haircut (my frequency back in Mly was 1 and a half months once), I've finally caved in. Instead of having to pay CAD14 per hair cut (and this is just the normal barber, not stylist), both of us went to Walmart to purchase a "clipper" set (yes that's what you call it here).

We're now proud owners of a clipper set. But I believe that's mostly for me (to be use on) and for my wife to hone her barbering skills... (ahem ahem)...

Check it out.

Front cover of the box.

Back cover -- 22 pieces, don't pray pray!!!

and what's inside (comes with styling guide and manual too).

All in all, it costs CAD17.80

Now, for getting tips and learning some techniques in cutting hair, she's been turning to the internet. Here's a funny one from Videojug.


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