Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mid Week July Update

Another 1and half week to go before we head to Toronto & Niagara Falls. We've already book a room there in Niagara. We've borrowed books from the Spring Garden Library, both on Toronto and Niagara region to help us plan our trip.

While we were at the library, we made a pit stop at Atlantic Jazz Festival's free screening tent. We've got some videos and pictures but I've yet to upload them. Stay tune. Music lovers would love this event! Its a great place for amatuers and budding musicians to pit their talents for others to see. There's also paid shows which obviously we didn't go to. But overall its an event that one can go to when in Halifax during the Summer. Its also an event that the city is proud of and promotes very much (apart from Pride Festival - which is the festival organized to promote tolerance for gay folks - that's coming up soon). Someone I met once said that he wish he has a remote control to the whole city on pause except for the event he wants to go to so that he doesn't miss anything. Yup, there's so many running all at once during this peak season. Another event that is a must go is the Tall ships which is a the waterfront.

Also, another great leap for us here in our home away from home - I've finally got my first hair cut in Canada.

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