Saturday, July 25, 2009

Time Would Tell

Its the time of the month again when we come to that point where we'll do some short reflection. As the days and weeks have gone by and so has our time here in our home away from home.

Its really a crazy feeling for us to be "so full of time". I suppose given the nature of our work and new roles its pretty obvious that life is no longer what we use to think it was.

Although we crave occasionally the comforts of life back home - of having an easy mode of transportation, of having friends to call and chat, of family members that are not too far away from us, etc, we are resigning to the fact of this new found life. After all it is what we wanted.

A little while back, we were watching Transformers the movie and there is particular moment in a scene that struck us (particularly me) and I told my wife that this is just like us. It was the scene where Sam (the boy hero in the show) was faced with the choice of whether or not to trust the Autobot, BumbleBee which he just met and faced with the decision whether or not he should get into the car. Beside him, his school mate (and would be girlfriend). Then staring at her eyes, he says "20 years down the road, when you look back at your life, you'd be asking yourself this question - why didn't I get into the car!". So with that, they took a chance and trusted the alien robot and swiftly entered the car. The rest was history as was told by the movie.

How does that relate to us? Well, we entered the car too. And we are now traveling in it. The journey hasn't ended yet for us. But one action has led to another. We've faced many challenges and also surprises along the way. But for now nothing beats home. Having gone through just 4 months of this ride, our hearts seems very much incline to be back home once this ride is over (for now).

Come fall, we'll be taking up 2 classes - Machine Learning and Advance Natural Language Processing. That's a mouthful. There's a bit a nervousness on my end particularly on how much maths would be needed to excel in these courses. Oh well, not to worry, we have time on our side and both of us to help crack the nut open. I am sure it'll be not too bad. After all, it is part of the ride. And you know what, only time will tell - if this ride will continue here or end back home or somewhere else out there.

Hope that you too have gone into your own ride!

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