Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Day Out Early

We packed our bags a wee bit earlier today and head to Spring Garden Rd. Along the way we stopped by Public Gardens and had a look-and-see at a cafe right in the middle of it (which didn't notice before) - it was called the Uncommon ground.

As our original plan was to catch Bud the Spud's famous fries, we didn't stop there for long but headed on the southern trail along the road. But as it turned out, we settled for Bill's and their poutine dish, which was alright and certainly something different.

As Bill and other vendors of the like were parked right infront of the public library, we thought, why not visit the library. So after a sumptuous poutine roadside dish, we strode along to the library and was amazed with what we saw. Public libraries should be like this back in Malaysia and should also be more available. That way, everyone would love to read and have easy access to books and any other materials. There's even wifi and free internet access everywhere in the library.

Once we're done with our visit and with a couple a books heavier, we stopped by Shoppers and Pete's Frootique to get some groceries. Then on the way back we saw a Beaver Tail. If we hadn't settled for poutine, we would most certainly have taken it but I guess we'll just leave the good stuff for another day - you can't be having too many stuff all in one day isn't it - gotta leave some for tomorrow.....

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